Faithful Families Eating Smart and Moving Move


Faith Community Assessment

The first step to implementing Faithful Families in a faith community is to fill out the Faith Community Assessment, which can be completed online or by hand on hard-copy PDF. This assessment will help you to better understand the resources, assets, and needs of the faith community where the program will be implemented. You can download the results of the online assessment as a PDF after completion. Use the results to develop policy, systems, and environmental changes that can best support healthy eating and physical activity in your unique faith community.

You might learn, for example, that the faith community does not have a policy to support healthy eating. See our Healthy Eating page for policies that can be adapted and used with this community. Or, you might learn that the faith community has resources to support physical activity, but they would like to expand those. Check out the tools under Physical Activity that detail how to change environments to support physical activity.

To measure success in your work, you can repeat the Faith Community Assessment at the end of the year to see what changes have been made!

Planning Guide

The free Planning Guide for Faithful Families can assist you in setting up an Eat Smart Move More Committee in the faith community, and work towards changes to the policies, practices, and environments at the faith community to support healthy eating and physical activity.

Faithful Families Planning Materials



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