Faithful Families Eating Smart and Moving Move

Getting Started

We are excited to announce that we launched our updated curriculum in 2016! The revised curriculum includes updated nutrition information, social media connections, recipe videos for each lesson, a guide to carrying out family-based classes, a guide to carrying out grocery store tours, and tips on incorporating fresh, local foods through farmers’ market tours. The curriculum is now available for both in-state (North Carolina) and out-of-state orders. Learn more below:

North Carolina

In North Carolina, Faithful Families is offered through local health departments and Extension offices. If you are in North Carolina and would like to have Faithful Families at your place of worship, please contact one of these facilitators today!

There are over 100 facilitators across the state of North Carolina! If you work for a local health department or Extension office, and would like to be trained in the Faithful Families Program, please contact Annie Hardison-Moody at

Ordering Faithful Families

The new curriculum is available now. The updated curriculum is aligned to meet the new USDA Dietary Guidelines, and includes the following new content:

  • Social media posts to encourage recruitment, engagement, and retention of participants
  • Videos of food demonstrations for ALL lessons
  • A Guide to carrying out Farmers' Market Tours as part of your Faithful Families classes
  • A Guide to carrying out Family-Based Faithful Families classes (classes where children and parents are invited)
  • A Guide to carrying out Grocery Store Tours as part of your Faithful Families classes
  • Recipe cards featuring local foods, that can be used for classes as well as Farmers' Market tours
  • A REVISED Planning Guide for Faithful Families, with updated materials and content
  • REVISED evaluation materials, including the Faith Community Assessment and Participant Entry and Exit Forms

To pre-order the curriculum, and view pricing information, please fill out this order form. Once your payment is received, via check or PO, your order will ship out. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Skill builders for the program can be ordered from the North Carolina Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program. Please use this order form to purchase these supplies. The order can be sent to the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program c/o Renee Jordan at the address listed on the form (Campus Box 7605; NC State University; Raleigh, NC 27695-7605).

Training is available for Faithful Families. Contact for information about training for the program.

A sample lesson is available for you to view. It is the first lesson of nine in the curriculum, titled Plan: Know What’s for Dinner.