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Faithful Families 2017 National Training

Faithful Families is excited to be holding a National Training for anyone interested in implementing the Faithful Families curriculum and program outside of North Carolina.

During this training, you will:
– Hear from the Faithful Families development team about the importance of faith-based health promotion.
– Explore concrete strategies to implement environmental changes in faith communities, drawing on resources from the Faithful Families program.
– Receive training on the Faithful Families curriculum, and develop a plan to train others in your community on the program.
– Develop an action plan to implement Faithful Families in your local community, and receive feedback from our
development team on that plan.

This training is ideal for people who wish to implement the Faithful Families program in their local communities, but we will also discuss strategies for train-the-trainer programs, those who want to train others to implement the program in their state.

The training will bring together a diverse set of faculty members and partners, from NC State University, the NC Division of Public Health, and other Faithful Families partners. Additionally, our closing keynote speaker will be Rev. Dr. Gary Gunderson, Vice President of Faith and Health Ministries at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. We will also devote significant amount of time to hearing and learning from you.

For details and registration: http://www.faithfulfamiliesesmm.org/training.html


Faithful Families 2017 North Carolina Training

Faithful Families will beholding its annual training for any local health department and Cooperative Extension staff interested in implementing the Faithful Families curriculum and program in North Carolina.

Please note: EFNEP Program Assistants should NOT attend this training. There will be a separate EFNEP Faithful Families training in 2018.

Training is FREE.
Lunch is included.

To register: https://goo.gl/forms/dHaVQWlZq8Nfm9K42

Faithful Families is getting a makeover!

August 22, 2013

If you have been checking our Facebook, Twitter, or website, you know that Faithful Families is going through an exciting change!  We are in the process of updating our curriculum to include information about how to connect with us through social media, how to promote local produce and growers, and to ensure that our nutrition content is up to date with the latest knowledge and information.

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