NEW! Faithful Families Walking Challenge

May 8, 2017

The new Faithful Families Walking Challenge is a great way to encourage everyone in your faith community to increase physical activity by walking more every day. It is meant to be EASY, MOTIVATING, and FUN!


During this four-week event, community members can challenge each other to increase how much they walk from week to week. The Walking Challenge includes weekly newsletters with tips and ideas to help you incorporate walking into their daily lives.

For every 10 minutes of walking, you receive 1 point. A Walking Log is provided so that you can easily record the number of points accumulated each day during the challenge. At the end of the challenge, participants count the total number of points accumulated. Prizes or recognition may be given to participants who earn the most points during the competition.


You can start off at whatever pace you like, and over the four weeks, see how your friends and family challenge you to pick up the pace! There is no specific walking target, other than the ones you set for yourself and your community. This means you can make it the challenge that you and your community will enjoy together.

Talk with your faith community’s leadership about implementing the Faithful Families Walking Challenge. Remind them that increasing physical activity will help people in your faith community to be and feel healthier! All the materials you need to organize, participate in, and evaluate the challenge are available for download on our website:


These materials include:

* Challenge Overview
* Announcement Poster
Sign-up Sheet
Log Sheet
Weekly Newsletters
Certificate of Achievement
Evaluation Survey



This challenge helps you build a network of support with friends and family, and this support can help you continue good walking habits even after the challenges ends.

The weekly newsletters provide great suggestions to encourage folks to incorporate walking in daily life and to keep walking all year long. From Week 1 to Week 4, the tips help you pick up the pace and encourage you take more steps at your workplace, at home, and in your local environment.

Week 1: Getting Started – start including walking as part of your daily routine.

Week 2: Step Out – explore different places in your community!

Week 3: Step it Up – tips to help you can pick up the pace.

Week 4: Stay Motivated –  keep walking all year long!


Challenge your faith community, including friends and family! You can even form teams to encourage each other to walk together and move more. And a little friendly competition among teams might just be what you need to motivate one another to reach your walking goals.

We hope the Faithful Families Walking Challenge continues to help you walk more even after the challenge is over!


ONLINE EVALUATION SURVEY: Once you have completed the challenge, we encourage you to let us know how it went by filling out a brief survey. It should take no more than a few minutes to complete and will help us plan more physical activities for your community to enjoy.  We appreciate your feedback!

LEARN MORE: If you’d like to learn more about the walking challenge, please consider attending our upcoming webinar.


Small Steps to Increasing Physical Activity
Wednesday, May 17, 2017 1 – 2pm

Faithful Families facilitators will learn about our new Walking Challenge, as well as resources and tools to help promote physical activity in communities of faith. This webinar will be presented by the Community and Clinical Connections for Prevention and Health Branch of the North Carolina Division of Public Health.

To register: